Liz Cheney
Liz Cheney

We’re not that dumb… Americans aren’t buying the canard pushed by the GOP that equates the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill rampage with the social protests of last summer.

The berserk Trump cultists and the protestors who hit the streets following the murder of George Floyd were both expressing their First Amendment rights, claim Republicans.

That’s hogwash.

Only 22 percent of Americans believe the insurrectionists of Jan. 6 exercised their legitimate First Amendment rights in storming the Capitol, according to the Knight Foundation’s “Free Expression in America Post-2020” report released today.

Only a third of Republicans called the riot legitimate, compared to 23 percent of Independents and 12 percent of Democrats.

The tepid support for the Capitol Hill rioters contrasts with the overwhelming support for the racial justice protests.

Almost three in four (73 percent) believe people taking part in the racial justice marches were legitimately expressing their First Amendment rights.

Knight Foundation survey

A majority of Republicans (56 percent) agree, along with 75 percent of Independents and 85 percent of Democrats.

The bulk of the cowardly Republican party failed to show up at the Capitol today to mark the year ago tragedy that led to seven deaths and injured more than 150 policemen.

Three of them made the scene.

There was a two-person delegation from the GOP’s lunatic fringe (Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene).

On cue, they pushed debunked conspiracy theories. “We did not want the Republican voice to go unheard and we did not want today’s historical narrative to be hijacked and captured by those who are the true insurrectionists,” Gaetz told reporters.

The honorable Liz Cheney, who is being railroaded from the GOP for speaking the truth about the Jan. 6 carnage, also was at the Capitol with her father and former VP Dick Cheney.

"All of my colleagues, anyone who attempts to minimize what happened, anyone who denies the truth of what happened, they ought to be ashamed of themselves," Cheney said on the “Today” show. "History is watching, and history will judge them."

Let’s hope Americans pass a harsh judgment on the GOP in the midterm elections.