America’s Worst President Ever says it’s time to move on from the outrage over the murder and dismemberment of Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi by a squad of Saudi hatchetmen.

Donald Trump, who is hosting Prince Mohammed’s LIV Golf tournament at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ, said the controversy over the butchering of Khashoggi “has totally died down.”

AWPE also gave his blessing to Saudi Arabia sportswashing its image via golf.

“I think LIV has been a great thing for Saudi Arabia for the image of Saudi Arabia,” Trump told the Wall Street Journal.

He said the publicity generated by LIV Golf is worth billions of dollars. “It’s one of the hottest things to have happened in sports, and sports is a big part of life."

Trump can’t figure out why the 9/11 families are outraged over a golf tournament staged in Bedminster, which is 50 miles from Ground Zero.

Does he know that 15 out of the 19 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia? It really wouldn’t matter one way or the other.

Attorney general Merrick Garland should set aside the Justice Department’s probe into the Jan 6 Capitol Hill riot for a moment and decide whether Trump is required to register as a foreign agent of Saudi Arabia.

He sure sounds like one.

Rocky road for S4 Capital’s Martin Sorrell. The share price of S4 Capital is down 86 percent to 120P on the London Stock Exchange since September 2021.

Nearly half of that value was lost following S4’s July 21 statement warning that it was not going to meet full-year earnings targets due to “hiring and staff costs that have continued to increase ahead of gross profit/net revenue growth rate.”

Significant cost reduction measures have been put into place, including a break on hiring, and discretionary cost controls have been introduced already to better balance growth in revenues and profit, according to the statement.

Sorrell, who is S4’s biggest stockholder, expects to release first-half results in September.

Hillary, who? Hunter Biden has topped Hillary Clinton as the right-wing media’s No. 1 target. Fox News “reported” 9,000 stories about Joe Biden’s son during the past two years, according to the July 17 Financial Times. That was about double the mentions earned by the former First Lady.

A search of the New York Post shows 626 stories about Hunter during the past year—55 of them ran in the last month.

Hillary chalked up 513 and 43, respectively.

The Post ran a story July 26 about Sen Chuck Grassley’s “official” Senate letter to FBI director Christopher Wray and attorney general Merrick Garland accusing them of “burying Hunter Biden dirt.”

Rupert Murdoch's pride and joy also ran a July 21 exclusive breathlessly headlined “Hunter Biden’s marriage to Melissa Cohen is on the rocks.”

The couple is apparently stressed because the Secret Service team “that lives in a much larger mansion next door to them, watches over Hunter like hawks.”

Melissa apparently didn’t know what she was in for when she married Hunter.

The Post reported: “He whisked her off her feet. She thought she was marrying a prince from a great American family and she’d live a charmed life with him. But the reality is he’s a train wreck and life with him is very hard behind closed doors.”

Hillary is just fine about losing her crown to Hunter.