Alex Navarro McKay
Alex Navarro-McKay

Alex Navarro-McKay, the leader of BerlinRosen’s campaigns & elections practice, is departing the shop after a 14-year run.

The Democratic shop handled more than 170 races in 28 states during 2022, winning 100-plus of them.

It helped elect five new Democrats to Congress: Dan Goldman and Pat Ryan (NY), Greg Casar (TX), Summer Lee (PA) and Maxwell Frost (FL). The firm also helped Ruwa Romman become the first Muslim woman to serve in the Georgia State house and the first Pakistani elected office in the Peachtree State.

BR claims to have helped “stop the red wave in its tracks,” while protecting abortion access and promoting gun safety reform.

Navarro-McKay, who joined BR from the John Edwards for President campaign, plans to consult and teach at Columbia’s University School of International and Public Affairs.

Isaac Goldberg, a six-year veteran of BR, will take over for Navarro-McKay.