The metaverse "is an incredibly valuable tool and one that is not a fad," The Berman Group president Sarah Berman tells Doug Simon.

She says that "the metaverse to me is like a way to stretch our imagination. This allows us to not only do storytelling in a new dimension, but it's also a way for us to help our clients think out of the box."

Berman particularly sees the metaverse's value for the real estate clients she works with.

"To allow someone to experience a property of any type and to do so in a like environment where you can interact with the space and interact with others in the space" makes the metaverse a key tool for real estate companies, she tells Simon.

"I think cutting-edge professionals will incorporate the metaverse as part of the technology package that they utilize going forward," as a way to help them navigate a rapidly changing real estate landscape, Berman says.

"You hear every day about how commercial office space needs to be reimagined for the right environment to be able to experiment in the metaverse," she tells Simon. "To see how people interact with spaces and how they gravitate towards certain areas, to see how they want to congregate or work together or collaborate and do that in the metaverse is an incredible tool that we have at our disposal."

Her advice for those who are nervous about diving in to this new world? Just go for it. "I think reminding clients that are focused on the built environment that this is an extension of the built environment, it's only a different universe, the metaverse," is one way to ease the entry path for newcomers.

She also says that making the metaverse a clear and understandable process ("one, two, click and I'm right where I need to be") is an essential element in making it a more engaging place for users.

She also says that hybrid events can make the metaverse even more appealing. "I think what will happen is that people who are in the room will start getting curious about what it's like in the metaverse and almost create that FOMO (fear of missing out) of, okay, I want to see what that's like too."

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