"I think today the rate at which not only that news is published, but the rate at which we have to communicate stories out to our constituents is faster than ever," Vested group CEO and co-founder Binna Kim tells Doug Simon. "The speed at which things have to be communicated is a huge challenge for all of us communicators."

Because of that, Kim says, communicators need to leverage all the tools available to them. "How do we get to the end constituent through email, social media, advertising? What are all of the different ways in which we could leverage communications? Because the press release, to be honest, is kind of like a blunt instrument."

She stresses the importance of keeping mind "all the things that are said in the many other forums that we can't necessarily say in a press release. And that has to do with the conversations we're having directly with journalists to create anchor narratives and anchor stories."

The pivotal importance of internal commuications is also discussed. "I think being able to beat internal communications to the punch is pretty important," Kim tells Simon. "I think you see a lot of this happening when unfortunately internal town halls or employee-wide recordings are shared on social media."

When it comes to effective leadership, Kim emphasizes divesity in all its forms. "I think to be a great leader, you have to have a team, a management team of people who all bring different ideas and perspectives to the table, ensure ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, upbringing. All of those things play a role in that diversity of perspective."

She also says that as a more diverse range of people break into the leadership ranks, those leaders need to realize that no one person can do it all, all of the time. "In many of the organizations I joined where I'm talking to fellow women or people of color, oftentimes it is about being generous with oneself. And that's mainly because there are a lot of things around us that I think create seemingly impossible circumstances for us to succeed. The more we can continue to bring women along in those leadership roles and create spaces for them, that's going to be important as the system sort of catches up to where we've all evolved to with diversity in leadership."

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