Morris Silver
Morris Silver and Virginia Sheridan

Travel PR legend Morris Silver, who founded M. Silver Assocs. with his wife Virginia Sheridan, died Sept. 24.

Following a stint at the Newark News, Silver opened Morris Silver PR in New York to focus on entrepreneurs and consumer product companies.

On a trip to Bahamas and observing the investment made in the travel market, Silver recast his shop as M. Silver Assocs., with a focus on travel PR and marketing.

His shop represented the Bahamas, Panama, Costa Rica, airlines, cruise lines and luxury hotels and resorts.

Silver helped Panama restore its tourism business in the aftermath of the ouster of dictator Manual Noreiga and helped create Costa Rica's eco-tourism push by launching the "Trees for Tourism" effort. He guided Emirates Airlines' entry into the US market following the 9/11 terror attacks.

Finn Partners acquired M. Silver Assocs. in 2013 as its first acquisition as an independent firm.

Morris and Virginia became managing partners. He retired in 2019, while she continues at the firm.

In an email to his staff, Peter Finn called Morris “a legend in our industry, a highly respected leader who had a powerful, lasting impact on our company’s growth and culture.”

Finn wrote that Silver’s “warmth and sparkling personality made him a beloved figure in the halls of FINN Partners, and he was a wonderful mentor for his colleagues.”

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