Content is a ubiquitous, catch-all term thrown around these days that makes most people roll their eyes because it conjures up an annoying influencer droning on about their life as a content creator.

But the fact is many companies struggle with the daunting task of creating legitimate content for their websites, blogs, social media feeds, etc.

And according to Heather Stanley, WriterGirl Marketing Director, 40% of the companies queried in their latest survey admitted to outsourcing all or almost all of their content needs.

Stanley and her WriterGirl counterpart, Client Partnership Coordinator Lauran McHaffie, discussed the pitfalls to avoid in satisfying the web’s endless thirst for content during O’Dwyer’s / Researschscape webinar Dec. 12 hosted by Researchscape’s Tony Cheevers.

Many companies are quite cavalier when it comes to planning for content creation and most tackle it on an ad hoc basis, Stanley & McHaffie explained.

“These big, complex organizations have many cooks in the kitchen kind of just winging it,” Stanley said.

WriterGirl, which employs more than 100 writers, editors and project managers, encourages a publisher mindset.

“You can’t just throw content on your blog. You need an editorial calendar to stay on task,” Stanley said.

You are what you E-E-A-T

Google’s search algorithms rate the quality of content according to these factors--Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness.

A big challenge for the health systems, higher education institutions, government agencies and other organizations that responded to WriterGirl’s survey is finding subject matter experts, Stanley explained.

Marketing directors have to accurately convey the importance of disciplined SMEs to the C-suite. “Share why you need them and how their time will contribute to the bottom line,” Stanley said.

Both Stanley and McHaffie believe AI will only serve to make authentic content that much more valuable.

“You have to really challenge yourself to think about how you can make your content more engaging and human,” Stanley said.

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