San Francisco 49ers

Will the MAGA cultists cheer for the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl to spite Biden-loving Taylor Swift and her COVID-19 vaccine and Bud Light shill boyfriend Travis Kelce? That’s three strikes against the high-profile lovebirds.

But rooting for a team that represents that progressive, gay-loving, abortion supporting sinkhole on America’s west coast is sure a big stretch for Team MAGA.

Will the ever-gracious San Francisco Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi invite MAGA world to back the boys in red and gold? That’s not going to happen.

And MAGA views the lamestream media as part of the grand conspiracy to prop up Uncle Joe.

Their breathless tales concerning whether Taylor will be able to show up at the Big Game after her concert in Tokyo only reinforces MAGA’s belief that the fix is in.

Taylor is bound to make a triumphant just-in-time entry to the Super Bowl, encouraging her loyal fans to register to vote for the 2024 election. They aren’t likely to vote for Donald Trump.

The best bet for MAGA wingnuts is to sit out this year’s Super Bowl and hope that “America’s Team” (e.g. Dallas Cowboys) can get its act together next season.

They should skip the pre-game festivities, which will feature then re-elected Biden.

Quits over antisemitism… Barak Herscowitz, TikTok’s top lobbyist in Israel, quit via a statement on X because he says it runs content that is antisemitic and anti-Israel.

The aide to former prime minister Naftali Bennett said he tried to influence TikTok from the inside but failed to do so.

He also rapped TikTok for banning videos from the families of Hamas hostages, while allowing pro-Palestinian groups to advertise.

Herscowitz wrote a memo that said American users are bombarded with ads that show the misery of children in Gaza, while ads about the humanitarian tragedy of Israel’s hostages are not allowed.

Herscowitz had the vertical lead in the government and public sector title at TikTok, which is owned by China’s ByteDance.

Cost efficiencies eyed at Burson. WPP Mark Read put the BCW and Hill & Knowlton merger in the “execute efficiently to drive strong financial returns” bucket during his Jan. 30 Capital Markets Day presentation.

Recast as Burson, the firm will be the world’s No. 2 PR firm, according to Read. He had told O’Dwyer’s that Burson will “hopefully” give Edelman a run for its money.

Read expects Burson will “deliver growth and structural cost savings,” which is part of WPP’s plan to save $160M in costs in 2025. Forty to fifty percent of that savings is to be achieved in 2024.

WPP’s Top Ten PR clients include Dell Technologies, Ford Motor, Coca-Cola, Google, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle, BAT and Apple.

They will be looking very carefully at how WPP consolidates its BCW and H&K businesses.