Border Patrol

Thumbs down from Il Duce II… Donald Trump is against the Border Act of 2024 because he thinks he can ride the immigration crisis to the White House.

That’s typical for a narcissist like Trump, who puts his own priorities over the good of the nation. It’s also reason No. 1013 why a Trump restoration would be a disaster for the US.

The National Border Patrol Council, which represents more than 18K agents, supports the Border Act of 2014.

The bill “would drop illegal border crossings nationwide and will allow our agents to get back to detecting and apprehending those who want to cross our border illegally and evade apprehension,” it said in a statement.

The border guard union supported Trump in the 2020 presidential campaign. It is the latest victim of a Trump backstabbing.

Brandon Judd, president of the Council, said the Act is not perfect but far better than the current status quo.

But the phony Republican Party just loves that status quo.

The performative governor of Texas Greg Abbott has used National Guardsmen, a floating buoy barrier and concertina wire against immigrants in his desperate bid to hog the national spotlight.

The Ego of Eagle Pass on Feb. 4 invited other GOP governors, such as the illustrious Sarah Huckabee Sanders, to a media free-for-all to bash president Joe Biden for doing nothing for border security.

That’s pretty rich. Biden is the guy who has agreed to a Republican wish list of controls at the border.

But the GOP has no interest in curbing the flow of immigrants into the US because stemming that human tide could help re-elect Biden.

And that would be fatal for the Mango Mussolini.

Bank of America makes a big withdrawal. The big bank has caved to the “anti-woke” crowd which wants to put an end to ESG pledges.

In 2022, BoA said it would not finance coal mines, coal-fired power plants and drilling for oil in the Arctic due to their negative impacts on the environment.

It now updated its policy, saying transactions that “carry heightened risks will continue to go through an enhanced due diligence process involving senior level risk review.”

A review by top BoA officials is a far cry from outright banning environmental unfriendly projects.

Glutton for punishment. Adam Neumann, the former CEO of WeWork, wants to buy the bankrupt company because he feels the office-sharing company could thrive in today’s hybrid work world.

He is off-base.

Today’s hybrid world is a combination of working from home for two or three days and showing up at the office for the balance of the work week.

CEOs want to see the faces of their employees. And those faces need to be attached to bodies at corporate desks, or in meetings.

PR giant Edelman just renewed its lease on its Manhattan headquarters for 15 years.

CEO Richard Edelman didn’t re-up because he wants employees to work at WeWork facilities rather than the firm’s Hudson Street headquarters.

The novelty of WeWork struck a chord with workers in pre-pandemic America.

Does Neumann expect WeWork to get a bounce from the thousands of employees who were or are being laid off from technology companies?

That’s a very dicey proposition.