Manuel Rocha
Manuel Rocha

Former US ambassador Manuel Rocha plans to plead guilty to charges that he served as a secret agent for Cuba in what is billed as one of the biggest breaches of national security in years.

The 73-year-old had been working as a senior international business advisor on business development matters for LLYC at the time of his Dec. 4 arrest.

He had joined LLYC last September after working as US ambassador to Bolivia and serving in the US interests section in Cuba.

Rocha also did stints in Dominican Republic, Italy, Argentina, Mexico and Argentina.

He is expected to plead guilty to two counts of conspiring to act as a foreign agent and be sentenced on April 12. Each count carries a maximum of five to 10 years in jail.

Rocha, who was shackled at the hands and ankles, told a federal judge in Miami on Feb. 29 that he would enter a guilty plea.

LLYC cut ties with Rocha after his arrest, and noted that the spying allegations lodged against him were unrelated to his work for the Madrid-based firm.

The US is LLYC's No. 2 market.