Alan Caruba, a New Jersey PR pro, journalist and conservative writer, died June 15. He was 77.

alan carubaThe Newark-born Caruba was a reporter and columnist for the Morris County (NJ) Record before founding The Caruba Organization in 1970 and handling PR for myriad clients, particularly in the chemical and pest control sectors.

For years he published a spoof list of "The Most Boring Celebrities of the Year" under the guise of the Boring Institute, saying the media coverage, not the celebrities, was the boring issue. "The bottom line is that the media does not know when to stop; they write about a celebrity long after the story has lost its value," he told O'Dwyer's in 2002, when Ozzy Osbourne and Osama bin Laden were among the Top 10. Michael Jackson headed the first list in 1984.

Caruba later attempted to expose media-frenzied issues, often through a right-leaning lens, with his National Anxiety Center and wrote extensively online for his blog, Warning Signs, and other outlets.

His last Warnings Signs post was published on June 11, railing against "President Barack Hussein Obama" for a "clueless" approach to the Mideast. Environmental topics, including a robust skepticism of global warming, were among his favorites.

Caruba wrote on May 29 that he was to undergo surgery, reporting June 3 that he had begun several weeks of recovery. He passed away at home on June 15, according to his Star-Ledger obituary.

He was a prolific writer on policy and reviewed scores of books. He also penned several books over his career, from "An Instant Guide to Crisis Communications" to "Travel Guide of Scenic America."