FitzGibbon Media, Washington-based progressive PR firm, and Blackbird, New York organizer and promoter of the Black Lives Matter movement, handled publicity for the removal by activists of the Confederate Battle Flag from the South Carolina Statehouse on the June 27 morning of funerals held for victims of the AME Church massacre in Charleston.

SC Governor Nikki Haley supports taking down the flag and legislators plan to vote of its removal after July 4.

Bree Newsome, who climbed the flagpole to take down the flag, said her group couldn't wait any longer for the flag to go.

She said, "It's time for a new chapter where we are sincere about dismantling white supremacy and building toward true racial justice and equality."

The flag's removal soared to the top of Twitter's trending topics for most of June 27 and received global media coverage on outlets such as CNN and the New York Times.

In its piece, CNN credited FitzGibbon Media, which represented Color of Change in the flag action, for reporting the event.

FitzGibbon Media, which is headed by Trevor FitzGibbon, has 30 staffers working for clients such as WikiLeaks, MoveOn, Britain's Guardian, AFl-CIO, Pierre Omidyar's Intercept and Robert Kennedy Jr.'s WaterKeeper.