Danish tech company Hypefactors offers new PR software designed to give earned media pros the tools to calculate the financial value of media coverage.

Hypefactors screenshot

Casper Janns, Hypefactors CEO, explains how it’s almost impossible to compare the effect of PR investments with the effect of other spending. PR pros are faced with a hard question about the value of media coverage and have to compete with companies more willing to invest in a Google AdWords campaign instead of PR.

Hypefactors monitors two million media sites around the world. Users set up different news streams they’d like to follow such as different brands, markets or competitors.

The cloud-based platform starts coverage in minutes and monitoring is integrated with a proprietary measurement algorithm that tracks the financial value of print, online, TV, radio and social media.

"Hypefactors work with a unique measurement tool based on 10 different parameters. Public Relations simply need to kill the inaccurate and not valid AVE method, where the listing price of the equivalent advertising space is multiplied with a PR factor and instead use a better and far more accurate method. Hypefactors provides this more accurate approach to the hard PR facts, including the financial value, while at the same time being automated and easy to use. We are here to empower the PR professional to achieve better results by providing all the tools and facts to power their stories,” Janns said.

Visit Hypefactors at www.hypefactors.com.