Let’s hear it for the 25 percent of Americans who told Washington Post/ABC pollsters they strongly support President Donald J. Trump.

That select group is in the driver’s seat.

Though nearly twice (48 percent) the number of Americans strongly disapproves of the performance of the 45th president—58 percent overall disapprove— Trump could care less.

Washington Post-ABC News Poll

He marches upward and onward.

Trump’s political survival depends on maintaining the backing of his strongest supporters, a quarter of America. They’re his lifeblood.

For instance, 24 percent believe Trump has “acted in a way that's fitting and proper for a President of the United States and 24 percent approve his use of Twitter.

Twenty-seven percent say America’s leadership in the world is stronger under Trump and 26 percent say it was okay for Don Jr. to meet with a Russian government rep to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.

It takes a big jug of Kool-Aid to wash those numbers down.

Tweet on, Donald

Though two-thirds of the country disapproves of Trump’s Twitter addiction—including members of the White House staff and his defense team—the President tweets on and on and on, feeding his core whoppers and things they want to believe are true.

Presidents and politicos have long worked to dodge the filter of the mainstream press. Trump has upended that policy by substituting Twitter for the “fake news” media (The President makes Sarah Palin’s “lamestream media” criticism sound so minor league.)

Washingto Post article by Philip Bump: Trum and his base live in a bubble where he's popular and all is well

Trump has dismissed the quaint civics class notion that a President is the leader of all Americans.

Philip Bump in today’s WaPo wrote that Trump’s “messaging and priorities all seem to target” the quarter of America that back him.

“Trump’s tweets about the biased media and inaccurate polls may not reflect reality, but they reinforce a message that bounces around within that base,” wrote Bump. “Trump’s policies may not be shared by most Americans, but they are shared by that core base of support.”

Bump points out that Trump’s core support dovetails quite nicely with Republican primary voters.

In the unlikely event that a Republican Senator puts country first and expresses opposition to Trump’s roadmap to ruin, he or she would pay dearly in the next election.

Since guts are a rare commodity in today’s GOP, the President will enjoy a smooth ride for the next 3½ years.

It’s the country that will have to hold on for dear life.