General Motors said it will stop holding monthly calls to discuss U.S. sales figures with reporters and analysts, ending a 20-year practice.

GM will rely on events like the annual LA Auto Show to meet with media.
The top automaker announced Jan. 3 that its participation in a half dozen or so analyst conferences, coupled with media interviews during auto shows, is sufficient opportunity for the company to communicate with the financial sector and press.

"We are ending the call to concentrate on conferences and other forums that allow us to discuss our strategy and our results with a long-term view and in a very holistic way," said financial communications manager Jim Cain.

GM said it will continue to release monthly sales figures and field inquiries on an individual basis.

The Wall Street Journal called monthly calls in the auto sector a "fading tradition" as carmakers move away from the "decade-long practice where each month analysts and journalists get to pepper executives with questions about the company's latest performance."

Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen of America still conduct monthly sales report calls.

Mary Barra takes the reins of GM as CEO on Jan. 15.