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O'Dwyer's Newsletter - Mar. 26, 2012 - Vol. 45 - No. 13 (download PDF version)

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Nevada, which has a new tourism czar, is reviewing its seven-figure tourism and cultural affairs integrated marketing account with an RFP process to award a single or multiple contracts covering PR, advertising and digital.


Silver State Gov. Brian Sandoval in November brought in former Ohio tourism director Claudia Vecchio to head the newly revamped Dept. of Tourism and Cultural Affairs.

PR is considered “the strategic driver” of the work on a budget from $500K to $1M, according to the RFP, released by the DTCA. PR efforts are to include oversight of the integration of a new brand, as well as media relations and social media.

If multiple agencies are selected for the overall account, the PR firm “will serve as the key account manager ensuring program cohesion and consistent message delivery across all channels,” says the RFP.

The commission also seeks pitches for advertising ($1.2M over two years, not including media buying) and digital ($900K). Proposals are due April 18.



Atomic PR has named Daniel Cohen, who was managing director of consumer brands at parent Grayling, managing director for EMEA as the high-tech San Francisco shop seeks diversification and foreign expansion. He is to spearhead Atomic’s analytics-backed approach to PR into the lifestyle category.


Cohen has bolstered Grayling’s consumer team from a dozen to more than 40 members who counsel McDonald’s, Diageo, Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble. Atomic CEO Andy Getsey calls Cohen “fearless, straight-talking and deeply passionate about his team, his clients and raising the bar on insight driven creativity.”

Cohen is joined by Judy Wilks, senior VP at Atomic and founding member of Bite Communications, which is part of Next Fifteen. She is transferring from the West Coast to London. Cohen and Wilks will work with Helen Ellis, a veteran of Johnson King, who has grown Atomic’s U.K. office since it launched in 2009.

Getsey’s shop has been rebranded as Atomic, a Grayling agency. Peter Chadlington’s Huntsworth owns both firms.


Financial PR and IR practices of firms thrived in 2011 with the five biggest practices reporting gains in double figures and only one of the top 15 having a negative year.

Rankings Seal
Financial Rankings on pg. 3

Edelman replaced ICR in the Financial No. 1 spot as its financial practice grew 22.8% to $30,032,105, which was $81,424 greater than ICR’s $29,950,681, up 19.8%.

In third place was APCO Worldwide, +18% to $13,396,690.

Ruder Finn, growing by 90% to $12,828,018, was in fourth place, followed by CJP Communication, +21% to $8,173,359.

MWW Group was in sixth place, reporting $5,967,000 in financial PR/IR, an 11.2 percent gain over 2010.

The big jump in Ruder Finn’s financial PR category is partly due to its decision to include corporate PR in financial since corporate reputation impacts stock value.

Other standout gains in the top 25 were Intermarket, +23% to $4,837,425; Atomic PR, +36% to $3,000,000; Dukas PR, +63% to $2,784,000; Levick Strategic Communications, +147% to $2,497,798; Gregory FCA Communications, +9.5% to $2,300,000, and Rasky Baerlein, +61% to $1,020,500.

Padilla Speer Beardsley reported financial fees of $1,753,724, down 25%.

Social media may be the rage in much of PR but financial PR/IR heads are cautious about its use because all investors must have equal access to “material” information about a company, meaning anything that might affect the price of a stock. Answering an individual investor’s question can touch off a general news release that must reach “disclosure” media.

Edelman, New York, $30,032,10

Rich Myers and Jeff Zilka, general managers of Edelman’s financial practice in New York and Chicago, respectively, said the practice is about evenly divided between work for financial services such as mutual funds, hedge funds, insurance companies and investment banks, and the “capital markets,” meaning investor relations, initial public offerings, and communications for corporate restructurings such as spin-offs.

They said there is a strong trend for very large companies to split into two or more publicly held entities that allow management to focus better on certain areas and thus increase shareholder value.

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