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Group Gordon

Group Gordon

747 3rd Ave., 32nd flr., New York, NY 10017


[email protected]

Corporate: professional services, law, tech, financial services, real estate, consumer. Nonprofit/social impact: education, health, environment, philanthropy, civil rights, community development, advocacy, crisis management.

Employees: 25. Founded: 2005.

Agency Statement:

Group Gordon is a high-end PR firm that develops and executes smart communications strategy to elevate its clients. Headquartered in NYC, We work across multiple industries, including professional services, law, real estate, tech, financial services, public affairs, social impact, and nonprofit. We assist clients with strategic planning, media relations, branding, crisis management, media training, and social media tactics. Our diversity of experience and focus on clients' business goals produce inspired solutions to the toughest challenges.

Michael Gordon, prin. & CEO; Andrew Jarrell, chief strategy officer; Carla Pisarro, prin.; Jordan Miller, Hillary Wasserman, sr. VPs

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