An AI-powered mobile app that opens up new ways for media and brands to discover user-generated video has been launched as “the (Un)Official Video App of SXSW 2018” at this week’s South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX.

Produced by Finnish video platform company BCaster, the app allows any user with a smartphone to upload video content to a web-based search interface, where it can then be accessed by media or brands looking for influencers and user-generated content.

BCaster’s technology employs artificial intelligence to identify faces, brands, emotions or specific objects in any uploaded content. That information is then used to create an interface with a map-based view that lets users search for and play back the desired user-generated media.

The app employs blockchain technology to create a provenance record for each piece of content and to ensure that images have not been altered or faked. A blockchain ID is inserted throughout each piece of video, which means the clip is handled as one entity, automatically revealing any modifications made.

After several pilot tests, BCaster is now in discussions with NHK, Japan’s national broadcasting service, and German publisher Axel Springer.