Peter Finn
Peter Finn

Congratulations to Jack O’Dwyer on his 50th anniversary covering the PR world.

I’ve known Jack personally for some 25 years. As we all know, the PR world has gone through an incredible transformation during this time.

Throughout these changes — in news delivery, speed of decisions and shift from relationships to often transactional models — Jack has stood for values that transcend our industry. He remained the ambassador for our industry and a prophetic journalist who would recognize that integrity and reputation were the coins of our work.

O'Dwyer's Jul. '18 50th Anniversary MagazineThis article is featured in O'Dwyer's Jul. '18 50th Anniversary Magazine

More than two decades ago, desktop computers — initially word processors that enables on-the-fly editing — were new and they were just used to replace typewriters. Facsimile machines, smartphones, e-mail, websites and social media were far from our world then. Brands were products and not necessarily people. PR and advertising firms had distinctive and separate swim lanes.

But it’s all dramatically changed and one way I’ve kept ahead of these shifts is by reading Jack’s highly regarded, distinct yellow printed pages in the pioneering Jack O’Dwyer’s Newsletter.

Jack’s illuminating perspectives and insights on how technological advances, economic fluctuations and societal/cultural shifts are impacting the PR industry have been a must-read for me since my father David created an iconic agency that today has blossomed into three successful offshoots, Finn being one that shares his name.

Jack was one of the first to note that marketing, branding, PR and digital/social media would converge into an integrated and dynamic communications force. He was right.

Jack also recognized that PR practitioners would help to drive the breaking stories on our news and social platforms, shaping today’s most meaningful and important conversations and building our most influential brands. Again, he nailed it!

Jack’s passion for PR set a standard of excellence in reporting on the PR industry that has been emulated by others, a benefit to us all. It’s a level of quality and integrity in journalism that today, is being upheld by everyone at O’Dwyer’s, and I have no doubt that it will carry forward for many years to come.

Though I miss that printed weekly newsletter format, I always value how it evolved, respect his legacy and anticipate its vibrancy.

Thank you, Jack.


Peter Finn is founding managing partner at Finn Partners.