Peter Finn
Peter Finn

We were happy to see the article that covered Finn Partners' commitment to reject tobacco clients and to join the Quit Big Tobacco campaign.

For us, this was a no-brainer. Others have not given this enough thought.

Finn Partners has not had tobacco industry clients since our inception. We refuse to be the voice and representatives of an industry that sustains itself by addicting people to products that diminish health and are associated directly with mortality.

It’s timely to reaffirm our commitment. Big Tobacco has undertaken a massive effort to rebuild its tattered reputation around “a smoke-free future.” In truth, they still aggressively market cigarettes and target youth worldwide. Just this year Philip Morris launched a new high-nicotine, high-tar cigarette.

Under the guise of “fruity-flavors,” e-cigarettes have sought to fill the Big Tobacco void. Yet, these products also lead to nicotine-associated addiction. Less harmful is still harmful. Let us not trade one risk for another. Let us not work to end one Big Tobacco generational risk to invite another age group into the nicotine fold.

Any PR firm with a conscience should consider Big Tobacco bad business. We’re delighted to see that since your article was published, more firms are joining Quit Big Tobacco and that as an industry we are moving from a few principled agencies to a powerful movement.