Jane Genova
Jane Genova

Is your business in the dumps? Start a podcast.

Need insight? Listen to more podcasts.

Feel out of the loop? Tell podcasters you're available for interviews. That's networking, 2019 style.

However, such annoying talk is going poof.

The backlash has begun against the 700,000 podcasts in existence—that's up from 550,000 last year.

For instance, in the December edition of Spectator, Matt Labash discusses what's gone very wrong with podcasting.

Actually, he categorizes the assumption that one's podcast is important as probably a delusion. He compares that to when everyone who could navigate WordPress set up a blog. Most of them wound up having an audience of one. That was the blogger.

So, what are some of the things dooming podcasting to not being a sustainable trend? Labash hammers:

  • Too many exist just to participate in the phenomenon. They create no new value, add no knowledge, provide no insight, and don't even entertain well.
  • Those who have already had their say—e.g. faded celebrities—are leveraging podcasts to resume having a say. Usually they're not succeeding at that kind of comeback.
  • The niches aren't clearly defined. There's the mortgage banker discussing spirituality instead of mortgages.
  • People are busy and the average podcast lasts 43 minutes. You bet, the medium has overstayed its welcome.
  • There exist lots of competition for folks' attention. And some are lots more fun than listening to a podcast. For example, why miss out on the Twitter feuds?

I would add that with so much existing and emerging mediums, no one can be in all of them. Time is finite. Choices have to be made.

My hunch is that the majority of those doing the selecting will leave out or abandon podcasting. They may step up their profile on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Some things work well for some people. And they should stick with that, continually keeping the tone and content fresh.

There's no need for a podcast as an add-on.


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