BlackBerry head of global communications Karen Clyne talks with Doug Simon about how PR pros can give mature brands a new lease on life in the latest “PR’s Top Pros Talk” video interview.

While the pandemic has forced many brands and companies to redefine what they do and what they're about, Clyne has already worked with BlackBerry as it changed its image and developed “a new identity around security, security software, cybersecurity and really what that means to businesses and people today.”

Clyne says a key part of that effort’s success was staying true to the company’s “root story,” emphasizing that, even in its earliest days, BlackBerry put security at the core of its business. She tells Simon that allowed BlackBerry to promote “core assets of security and just apply it in so many different realms, verticals and industries to secure the globe.”

The message about a brand’s revitalization needs to be communicated internally as well as externally, Clyne says. She stresses the importance of educating your staff and teams, as well as focusing on “the excitement that you can build around a message and have your employees be advocates on your behalf.”

Clyne has been an active participant in International Women's Day, and is dedicated to raising the overall diversity of the industry. For women working in what is a traditionally male market sector, she offers a few strategies for success.

“Perseverance and taking risks” come in at the top of her list. Clyne also says the women need to be comfortable working outside their comfort zone, and make sure that their messages are heard.

“You do take those risks and you do extend yourself and you advocate for the things that are very meaningful and purposeful and bring a lot of motivation,” she tells Simon.

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