Sabrina Horn
Sabrina Horn

Sabrina Horn, the high-tech PR guru who sold her Horn Group to Finn Partners in 2015, has published “Make It, Don’t Fake It.”

The book explains how avoiding “short hacks” can lead PR pros toward practicing authentic and enduring leadership.

"Make It, Don’t Fake It" draws on Horn’s 25 years of experience in the field to show readers why a solid foundation in the truth can result in greater rewards for agencies.

Writing as both a leader in PR and the CEO of her own firm, Horn offers advice for successfully negotiating many of the pitfalls that agencies face—without playing fast and loose with the facts.

The book goes into such topics as: how to deal with the harsh truths of a crisis, why making false promises to customers and investors often ends badly, getting rid of the feelings of “impostor syndrome” that many leaders feel, and developing the confidence and clarity to make sound business decisions.

“My mission in this book is to help people achieve business success with integrity by dismantling the ‘fake it till you make it’ ethos, which only serves to corrupt integrity and hinder long-term success,” Horn writes in the book’s introduction.

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