Pretzels Inc. & Hershey

Kekst CNC represents Peak Rock Capital as the Austin-based private equity firm sells its Pretzels Inc., pretzel manufacturing outfit, to Hershey Co.

Pretzels Inc. makes and distributes traditional, peanut butter-filled, flavored and seasonal pretzels, as well as and other snack products, to grocers and to national brands.

It produces Dot’s Pretzels, which also is being acquired by the candymaker as part of “advancing Hershey’s snacking powerhouse vision.”

Hershey’s CEO Michele Buck said acquiring Pretzels Inc will expand the company’s snacking and production capabilities while keeping the special connection to Dot’s.

Hershey’s is shelling out$1.2B to acquire the two companies, which generated $275M in annual sales for the fiscal year ended September 30.

Kekst CNC has Daniel Yunger, Hallie Wolff and Emma Cloyd working the Peak Rock Capital business.

Publicis Groupe owns Kekst CNC.