A Porter Novelli affiliate is helping the tens of thousands of protesters in the heart of Kiev, who have rallied against the stifling rule of strongman president Viktor Yanukovych.

More than 50K protestors jammed Independence Square yesterday to demand an early election.

They have been infuriated with Yanukovych since his December decision to scotch closer integration with the European Union in favor of warmer ties with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who dangled a $15B bailout package in front of Ukraine’s leadership.

Bloomberg reports that RIM Porter Novelli, which is based in Moscow, is helping the Ukrainian opposition Civic Platform Maydan party work the press.

The Moscow-based firm has arranged visits to Independence Square for reporters from nine countries.

The opposition group is paying for the journalists’ trip to Kiev.

A RIMPN spokesperson declined to say who is picking up the travel tab.

The anti-Yanukovych protests are the biggest street demonstrations to hit Ukraine in a decade.