Jennifer Kohl
Jennifer Kohl

Jennifer Kohl, whose political resume includes directing communications for President Obama’s re-election campaign in Virginia and serving as press secretary for the late Rep. Elijah Cummings, launches Chrysalis Communications.

It will focus on crisis/issues, reputation management, and comprehensive communications strategies.

Kohl was most recently senior director at Purple Strategies, heading up reputation campaigns for corporate clients.

She previously ran the PR and social media team at ThinkFoodGroup, the restaurant group founded by chef and Nobel Peace Prize nominee José Andres. Before that, Kohl built and led a 45-person media relations team at GMMB.

Chrysalis is currently working with clients in the US, Europe and Central America.

“My diverse background gives me a truly unique perspective on communications, and I love drawing on those varied experiences to help clients identify a winning approach that may not have been immediately obvious,” said Kohl.