Mark McCall
Mark McCall

FTI Consulting’s strategic communications operation posted a 4.5 percent jump in Q1 revenues to $73.1M as it enjoyed strong demand for reputational services work.

The group increased its headcount by 16.3 percent (139 people) from a year ago to hit the 995 mark.

That aggressive hiring took a toll on the PR division’s operating income as it fell 41.5% to $8.7M due to higher compensation and SG&A outlays.

During the quarter, Mark McCall’s unit added Lauren Crawford Shaver, who worked in the Obama administration on its landmark Affordable Care Act, in Washington as a senior managing director.

Jennifer Mercer, who led strategic communications for Paladin Management Group, took the managing director post in Los Angeles.

Leonor Díaz-Córdova of the CT Group advisory signed on as managing director in the EMEA crisis and litigation communications offering.