Let’s talk about Climate Tech PR. From continued investor demand to historic funding stemming from the Inflation Reduction Act, there has been a remarkable increase in climate-focused investments in both public and private markets. It’s clear that people and companies everywhere are eager to get involved in the climate tech space.

However, as the market becomes increasingly competitive, it is crucial for companies to find ways to make their climate innovations stand out and gain meaningful recognition.

Here are some tips from our Climate Tech & Environment PR team to help you navigate this landscape effectively:

  • Set your climate solution apart: With more climate tech companies entering the space on a near daily basis, competition in the industry is growing fiercer. While your company may have an impactful mission and groundbreaking solution, it’s essential to highlight your unique selling points and effectively communicate them to your target audience. Two key ways in doing so include:
    • Leveraging data. Does your innovation significantly reduce emissions in your industry? Are you enabling energy-efficient processes while providing cost savings to customers? If the answer is yes, use numbers to tell these stories.
    • Developing case studies based on material outcomes of your climate tech solution. Showcasing your work with current customers or partners adds real-world context and enhances your company’s credibility. By providing tangible examples of how your technology has been successfully applied, along with the outcomes achieved, prospective customers or clients can better envision how your solution can—and should—be a fit for their company.
  • Highlight scalability: A successful climate tech pr strategy can help your organization tell stories focused on the scalability and potential impact of your solution. Consider factors such as market demand, regulatory support and infrastructure requirements when determining the stories that showcase how your technology will address significant climate tech challenges and accelerate the transition.
  • Use non-technical language: To reach a broader audience, avoid using industry jargon and technical language. Simplify the way you describe your company, technology and product so that anyone, regardless of their expertise, can easily understand who you are, what you do and why your climate technology is important.
  • Prepare for climate news moments: Unfortunately, the reality of climate change means that every year we are bound to see wildfires, hurricanes, record temperatures and other extreme weather events. On the more positive side, we have also recently been seeing a plethora of new policies, from the city, state and federal levels, that aim to address climate change in some way. Be prepared to speak to these moments and demonstrate how your company and technology fit into these important conversations.

For example, if your solution contributes to grid resilience or empowers disaster response, as we approach extreme weather events, tap your veteran industry expert to provide unique insights and context around an event. For instance, explain why a power blackout is happening, discuss how new climate-forward solutions can prevent future blackouts and identify what consumers can do immediately to stay safe. It is important to note, however, that there is a fine line between providing added expertise to a national conversation and unabashedly taking advantage of a disastrous moment. You can work with your climate tech PR partner on how to address these occasions.

  • Stay informed: Keep up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies and policy developments in the climate tech sector. Follow reputable sources, such as industry publications, research organizations and government reports. Attend conferences, webinars and workshops to network with experts and gain insights into emerging technologies.

Navigating the growing and competitive landscape of climate innovation requires a strategic approach that focuses on building trust in your brand, differentiating your climate tech solution and engaging in conversations at the right time with the right language. By implementing these strategies, companies can differentiate themselves while also elevating discussions around the future of climate tech.

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