The Republic of Serbia has hired Karv Communications to promote its policies via outreach to the US media and American-based groups.

The one-year $60K monthly retainer contract went into effect July 15.

Karv is to reach new audiences with information that helps them understand the Serbian position in the global arena, according to the letter of engagement.

That will be done through standard and social media, along with direct interactions and speeches before groups throughout the US.

Karv president Andrew Frank heads the four-member Serbia team that includes senior associate Will Sommer and senior advisors Adrian Karatnycky and Gordon Bardos.

Karatnycky is the founder of the New York-based consulting firm Myrmiodon Group, which represents clients in Poland, Ukraine and the Balkans.

Bardos penned the article “Washington’s Fundamentally Flawed Approach to the Balkans” that ran in the June 21 National Interest.

Karv, which says it provides strategic communications for an unpredictable world, also represents Saudi Arabian mega-city Neom and Ras Al Klaimah, which is part of the United Arab Emirates.