Rational 360 has ironed out its six-month contract with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund to position it as a “sophisticated global investment fund.”

It is in line for $1.2M in fees for strategic communications engagement support, $240K for digital advertising out-of-pocket costs, and $60K for travel expenses subject to prior approval of PIF’s head of media affairs.

Rational staffers are to fly economy class for trips three hours or less and business class for longer ones. Accommodations are capped at $416 per-night. Higher tabs require prior approval by PIF’s media chief.

Rational CEO Patrick Dorton, former special assistant to president Bill Clinton and communications director for the White House National Economic Council, leads the 11-member PIF team.

His goal is to demonstrate how the PIF is creating new sectors and opportunities and driving transformation in Saudi Arabia, while enabling stakeholders to appreciate PIF’s current and future contributions to the global economy.