Terry Gou
Terry Gou

Chartwell Strategy Group is providing media relations and public affairs services in the US for Terry Gou, the Foxconn founder who is running for president as an independent candidate in Taiwan.

Foxconn, which is the largest electronics manufacturer in the world, is based in Taiwan but generates the bulk of its revenues from its factories in China. Its Shenzhen plant produces most of Apple’s iPhones.

Billionaire Gou, 72, has promised to bring Taiwan “back from the abyss of war with China,” according to a report in the BBC.

He selected actress Tammy Lai, who played the role of a presidential candidate in the Netflix hit show “Wave Makers,” as his running mate. The show sparked a “MeToo” movement in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s presidential election is set for Jan. 13.

Chartwell’s $50K a-month contract runs from Sept. 1 to Jan. 31.

Managing directors Matthew Epperly and David Tamasi, director Janet Nice, and associate Grayson Midkiff work the effort for Gou.