Steve Lipin
Steve Lipin

Gladstone Place Partners chief Steve Lipin personally handles PR for Marc Rowan, CEO of Apollo Management Group private equity firm, in his campaign to mold the direction of the University of Pennsylvania.

Billionaire Rowan, a Penn alumnus and benefactor of the school, played a key role in the effort to oust Penn president Elizabeth Magill, who stepped down in December.

He sent a four-page email to Penn trustees called “Moving Forward” that critics say is a road map that leads to a more conservative university. Penn professors last week staged a protest against Rowan’s plan.

The Philadelphia Inquirer gave Rowan’s email major play by publishing the complete document.

Lipin said Rowan is just raising questions about Penn’s future, but it is up to the trustees and faculty to determine the best course of action for the school.

Gladstone Place does PR for Apollo.