Kyivstar, Ukraine’s largest telecommunications network, has hired FTI Government Affairs for representation in Washington on foreign relations/defense matters, and the potential nationalization of its assets.

The company, which has 24M mobile subscribers and 1.1M home internet customers, fell victim to a massive Russian cyberattack that knocked out service on Dec. 12. It was Russia’s largest cyberattack on Ukraine since it invaded the country on Feb. 24, 2022.

In restoring full service on Dec. 15, Kyivstar thanked the Security Service of Ukraine and various law enforcement agencies for addressing the attack and restoring service.

Kyivstar is part of VEON, the NASDAQ-traded Amsterdam-based global digital operator.

Mike Pompeo, former US Secretary of State, sits on Kyivstar’s board of directors.

"The work of Kyivstar in supporting communication makes Ukraine stronger, and allows Ukraine to continue the fight,” said Pompeo at Kyivstar’s headquarters in Kyiv on Feb. 5. “Ukraine must win, and the essential work that Kyivstar is doing to keep the country connected is an integral part of ensuring this victory.”

Bryan Zumwalt, head of US government affairs at FTI’s strategic communications unit, heads the firm’s five-member Kyivstar team.