Zeno Group has signed a one-year contract to provide PR strategy and counsel to the Singapore e-commerce platform of China’s Alibaba Group, the multinational retail, internet and technology behemoth.

The pact, which went into effect on Jan. 15, is worth $10K a month.

Zeno’s agreement calls for PR that is “private and nonpolitical in nature, and intended exclusively to further the bona fide trade or commerce purposes of Alibaba.”

The firm’s staffers are to “attend weekly check-in sessions with Alibaba PR team members, providing weekly updates (in form and substance agreed upon with client) on key metrics, high-level campaign review with documents presented (PPT, Excel or MS Word, to the satisfaction of client), challenges, and next steps.”

Zeno’s Alibaba team includes managing director Todd Irwin; senior VP Brittany Frank; VPs Eden May and Wan Zhaoli; and senior account supervisor Torri Santander.

Alibaba’s Singapore platform operates under the URL.