Tom Daschle

The Daschle Group is representing Santa Monica-based Stand with Hong Kong Action, an advocacy group that fights to end Chinese repression in Hong Kong.

SWHK was formed in the aftermath of the massive 2019 protests by Hong Kongers demanding the freedom and rights that were promised following the UK handover of its former colony to the People’s Republic of China.

Chinese security forces cracked down on those demonstrations and passed a new draconian security law in 2020.

HK’s rubber stamp legislature is currently fast-tracking Article 23, a new measure that imposes life sentences for political crimes and further muzzles dissent.

Article 23 is designed to fill some of the “loopholes” left from the 2020 law, according to the HK government.

SWHK says it is one the last surviving grassroots groups representing the voice of Hong Kongers in the US, UK and European Union.

Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) leads TDG.

Spencer Wolf, the firm’s VP-international relations and a former public policy advisor at Baker Donelson, handles the SWHK account.

He will make the rounds of Capitol Hill regarding issues connected with HK’s promised autonomy, sanctions and the security law.