BerlinRosen Holdings has rebranded as Orchestra, a holding company of eight agencies with more than 600 staffers in 12 offices in the US.

The operating units include BerlinRosen, Inkhouse, Glen Echo Group, Derris, Message Lab, M18, Onward and Brightmode.

Jonathan Rosen is CEO of Orchestra, while Valerie Berlin serves as executive chair.

Rosen said Orchestra was formed to thrive in the complex and quickly changing media landscape.

The firm’s integrated teams will offer clients “unparalleled expertise and flexibility for all of their strategic business and communications needs," he said.

Berlin added that it’s “more important than ever to show up in the right channels at the right times with the right story, and companies often need a mix of specialties to be successful.”

The individual companies will remain independent, while sharing operational resources.

The partners will collaborate on joint business development opportunities and team staffing to meet the needs of clients.

Orchestra clients are involved in the consumer, technology, climate & sustainability, education, healthcare, philanthropy, real estate, travel, hospitality and arts & culture sectors.

The firm is backed by O2 Investment Partners.