"It’s usually not the best product or service that wins, it’s the offer that’s easiest to say yes to," Steve August said during O’Dwyer’s webinar Mar. 19 on growing your business without losing your sanity moderated by Researchscape’s Tony Cheevers.

“The goal is for really stupid offers that are so good the customer would have to be stupid to say no,” August said.

August pointed out how many B-to-B companies waste too much time and effort educating customers about their products or services without ever closing a sale.

Also, it’s easy to become obsessed with the latest fads in marketing you see your competitors using, August noted.

“All these things work, and they all don’t work,” August said. He explained that what may work for others cannot just be directly mapped over to work for you.

What we really want is sales that are easier, August stressed. “That means the yeses are easier and leads are plentiful and consistent,” August said.

Try to figure out where the client wants to go and what’s preventing them from getting there, August encouraged. “Your offer is a fix for a better future,” August said.

August explained that every company is just a stack of offers, but the trick is coming up with a core stupid offer.

“You might not need more leads because the leads you have are ready to say yes to the right offer,” August said.

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Next up on Apr. 2 is Ashley Faus, who leads content for Atlassian. She'll talk about:

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Faus' work has been featured in TIME, Forbes, The Journal of Brand Strategy, and MarketingProfs, and she's shared insights with audiences at Harvard Business Review, INBOUND, and MarketingProfs.

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