Podesta GroupThe Democratic Party of Albania has hired Washington, D.C.-based public affairs giant Podesta Group in a bid to improve relations with the United States and facilitate a dialog with the government’s executive branch, as well as members of Congress.

Conservative political body The Democratic Party of Albania came to power in 1992 following its win of the parliamentary election that year, and became Albania’s leading political party following the 2005 parliamentary elections. The party, which is a member of the international right-of-center political alliance International Democrat Union and Centrist Democrat International, is based in Albania's capital, Tirana.

Podesta will counsel the Party on relevant U.S. policies and Congressional activities, will research and analyze issues of concern and will also possibly arrange meetings with U.S. executive branch officials and members of Congress. The public affairs firm will also assist in communicating relevant "priority issues” regarding the United States-Albania bilateral relationship to U.S. audiences for the purpose of strengthening ties between the two countries.

Duration of the account and its fees have not yet been determined.

Anthony Podesta signed the contract.