bouvierThe Swiss art dealer at the center of a global scandal that rocked the art market has reportedly engaged PR counsel in the ongoing perception battle.

Yves Bouvier faces accusations, investigations and charges around the world for alleging selling expensive works of art at inflated prices. The prominence of the artists and significant wealth of his accusers has drawn widespread media interest in the scandal, which media have dubbed "The Bouvier Affair."

Bouvier has engaged Publicis' CNC - Communications & Network Consulting, which is part of MSLGroup and affiliated with Kekst and Company in the US, according to a report. Jacqueline Henard, a managing director out of Berlin and Paris at CNC, leads the work.

Bouvier, who is fighting the allegations, is credited with helping foster an art storage concept known as a Freeport, where owners of significant works can store and deal art and avoid declaring the pieces to tax authorities.