Patrice Tanaka’s advice on how people and organizations “can discover and live their purpose and unleash greater success, fulfillment and joy” was a hit at the PRSA Counselors Academy meeting May 7-9.

Patrice TanakaPatrice Tanaka

Her impassioned presentation, one of 45 at the meeting, was one of the most discussed talks, attendees told this website. Attendance of 178, one of the largest meetings in recent years, included 64 first-timers, said chair Tom Garrity, The Garrity Group, Albuquerque.

There is strong evidence, Tanaka said, that “purpose-driven” organizations significantly outperform “profit-only” focused organizations, quoting from the book, Firms of Endearment, How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose.

Firms of Endearment

Written by Ray Sisodia, David Wolfe and Jag Sheth, the book provides data showing that the purpose-driven companies out-perform profit-focused companies by 1,681% vs. 118% over a 15-year period among firms in the Standard & Poor’s Index.

A list of 22 purpose-driving companies cited by the book includes 3M, Amazon, Chipotle, Disney, FedEx, Starbucks Coffee, UPS and Whole Foods.

Set Goals, Says Tanaka

Tanaka called on counselors to set “a clearly articulated business goal and purpose.”

“My five-year goal when building my first agency, PT&Co., was concisely stated as: Five years/50 people/$5 million fee income. This easy-to-remember business goal/mantra was known and embraced by all our employees and did help us reach this goal, although it took us a bit longer – seven years. Had we not clearly stated this business goal, I’m not sure we would have achieved it or how much longer it would have taken us to do so.

“Our business purpose was to create ‘Great work. Great workplace. Great communities that work.’ This easy to remember business purpose helped us win nearly 200 awards and be named the “#1 Most Creative” and “#2 Best Workplace” among all PR agencies in the U.S. within eight years of starting PT&Co.

“The same holds true for the power of a clearly articulated and succinct life purpose. It can focus and drive us to achieve and often exceed what is most important for us to accomplish in life.”

Tanaka founded joyful planet “to encourage and help more people and organizations to discover and actively live their purpose. I am thankful to be focused on this truly exciting and galvanizing work!”