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5WPR NYC Public Relations Firm
O'Dwyer's Jan. '15 PR Buyer's Guide
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O'Dwyer's Jan. '15 PR Buyer's Guide





Public Relations Services & Products
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24-7 Press Release Newswire: Press Release Distribution


4media Group: Radio, Radio, Radio, Radio, Radio, Satellite Media Tours, Satellite Media Tours, Satellite Media Tours, Satellite Media Tours, Satellite Media Tours


5K Productions: Television (TV) Production


70kft: Copywriters


A-1 Broadcast: Satellite Media Tours
Addison Design Company: Graphic Services
AdMedia Partners Inc.: Management Consultants
Adrian Awards: Awards
Advertising Club of New York: Associations
Advertising Specialty Institute: Associations
Advertising Woman of the Year Award: Awards
Advertising Women of New York: Associations
Adweek Directories: Directory Publishers
AKA MEDIA INC.: Celebrities, Corporate Image Consultants, Electronic Newsfeeds/Satellite Services, Interactive/Multimedia Services, Management Consultants, Media Tours/Roadshows, Public Service Announcements, Radio, Satellite Media Tours, Social Media, Television (TV) Production, Video, Webcasting
Alan Morgan Group: Search Engine Optimization
Alan Weiss Productions: Television (TV) Production, Video
Alexander Hamilton Medal - Institute for PR: Awards
All-In-One Media Directory: Directories
Allerton, Heneghan & O'Neill: Executive Search
Allhealth Public Relations: Promotions
Alliance for Women in Media: Associations
Allied Vaughn: Video
AME - Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness Awards, New York Festivals,: Awards
American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As): Associations
American Association of Political Consultants: Associations
American Hotel & Lodging Association's Stars of the Industry Awards: Awards
American Marketing Association, The: Associations
American Program Bureau, Inc.: Speakers Service (Talent)
American University, School of Communication: Education
AmericanPOP: Social Media
APEX Awards: Awards
ARC Awards: Awards
Arthur W. Page Society: Associations
Artisan Production House: Satellite Media Tours, Video
ASAE & The Center For Assn. Leadership: Associations
ASAE & The Center for Assn. Leadership: Education
Aspen Marketing Services: Special Events
Associated Press, The: Camera-Ready Releases, Newswires/Press Services, Photo Distribution, Photographers/Stock Photo, Press Release Distribution, Television (TV) Production, Video
Association for Conflict Resolution: Associations
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications: Associations
Association for Women in Communications: Associations
Association of Government Relations Professionals: Associations
Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals: Associations
Association TRENDS Annual All-Media Contest: Awards
Astrid Awards: Awards
At (@) Large Films: Video
At Point Inc.: Website Development
Audio Productions Inc.: Video
Auritt Communications Group: Media Training, Public Service Announcements, Radio, Satellite Media Tours, Video
Authors Unlimited: Speakers Service (Talent)
Automotive PR Council, Original Equipment Suppliers Assn.: Associations
AVA Digital Awards: Awards


Bader TV News: Video
Bell Ringer Awards: Awards
Bella PR: Public Relations Networks
Bernhardt Fudyma Design Group: Annual Reports/Design/Branding
Big Apple Awards: Awards
Black PR Wire Inc.: Newswires/Press Services
Blink: Crisis Management
Bloom Gross & Associates: Executive Search
Bonnie Ott Promotions & AIA New Dimensions in Marketing: Promotions
Boom Broadcast & Media Relations: Video
Booz Allen Hamilton: Management Consultants
Bowling Green University, School of Media and Communication: Education
Brand Union, The: Annual Reports/Design/Branding
Bravo Productions: Special Events
British American Business Inc.: Associations
Broad Street Productions: Video
Broadcast Direct Communications Inc.: Satellite Media Tours
Broadcast Monitors: Broadcast Monitoring Services
Broadcast Productions: Video
Bronze Anvil Awards of PR Society of America: Awards
Bruce Wodder Photography: Photographers/Stock Photo
Buchbinder Tunick & Company LLP: CPA/Consulting Services
Burke Marketing Research Inc.: Research


C. Lewis Shows & Events: Special Events
Cable & TV Station Coverage Atlas: Directories
Camera One: Photographers/Stock Photo
Cameron Communications Inc.: Media Training
Can Stock Photo: Photographers/Stock Photo
Cantor Integrated Marketing Search: Executive Search
Capitol City Speakers Bureau: Speakers Service (Talent)
Caplan Communications LLC: Radio
Cardwell Enterprises: Executive Search
Career Press: Directory Publishers
Carma: Newsletters
Carma International: Measurement & Evaluation
Cavanaugh & Assocs. Inc.: Celebrities
CB Radio Tours: Media Tours/Roadshows, Radio, Satellite Media Tours
CCI - Corporate Communication International at Baruch College/CUNY: Education
Celebrities, Plus Inc.: Media Tours/Roadshows
Celebrity Access, Inc.: Celebrities
Celebrity Service Int'l Inc.: Celebrities
Celebrity Source, The: Celebrities
Center City Film & Video: Video
Charet & Associates: Executive Search
Chief Marketing Officer Council: Associations
Cision: Clipping Services, Content Marketing, Directories, Measurement & Evaluation, Media Lists, Media Monitoring, Newswires/Press Services
Clarion Awards: Awards
ClickTime: Software
CLIO Awards: Awards
CMG Productions: Media Training
Coastal Media Group: Video
CODiE Awards: Awards
Cogent Reports, Market Strategies Int'l: Research
Columbia Books: Directory Publishers
CommCore, Inc.: Media Training
Communication Leadership Exchange, The: Associations
Communications Plus Digital: Video
Competitive Edge Newsletter: Newsletters
Concepts, Inc.: Newsletters, Promotions, Public Service Announcements, Social Media, Speechwriting, Website Development
Conch Republic Media Group: Video
Conference Board, The: Conventions/Conference Planners, Special Events
Congressional Yellow Book: Directories
Connex International Inc.: Webcasting
Consultants and Consulting Organizations Directory: Directories
Conus Archive, The: Video
Corey Weiner Marketing Communications Project Management: Content Marketing
Corporate Events: Special Events
Corporate Public Issues: Newsletters
Council of American Survey Research Organizations: Research
Cover Edge Television News Service: Television (TV) Production
CPR, The International Institute For Conflict Prevention and Resolution: Associations
Creative Civilizations: Research
Creators News Service/Creators Syndicate: Newswires/Press Services
Cresta Creative: Video
Crews Control: Video
Critical Mention Inc.: Broadcast Monitoring Services
Cushman & Associates, Judith: Executive Search
CW& Co.: Special Events


D S Simon Media: Content Marketing, Interactive/Multimedia Services, Radio, Satellite Media Tours
D.K. Shifflet & Assocs.: Research
Deltek: Software
DHR Int'l.: Executive Search
Dietrich Nelson & Associates, Inc.: Electronic Newsfeeds/Satellite Services, Public Service Announcements, Satellite Media Tours, Video
DigiClips, Inc.: Broadcast Monitoring Services
Direct Marketing Association: Associations
Direct Marketing Club of New York: Associations
Directory of Business Information Resources: Directories
Dominion Productions: Video
Double R Productions: Video
DRG (Development Resource Group): Executive Search


E.J. Krause & Associates Inc.: Conventions/Conference Planners
Eagles Talent Connection: Speakers Service (Talent)
Edelman Berland: Research
Edgewise: Copywriters
Editor & Publisher Newspaper Data Book and Interactive Database: Directories
Editor Showcase: Special Events
EFX Media: Video
EHM Group LLC: CPA/Consulting Services
Eisenberg & Associates: Annual Reports/Design/Branding
Electronic Retailing Association: Associations
EMSI: Radio
Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations of the U.S.: Directories
Engage121: Social Media
Engel Entertainment Inc.: Television (TV) Production
Entertainment Publicists Professional Society: Associations
EurekAlert!: Press Release Distribution
Event Planners Plus!: Special Events
Eventage: Special Events
evolve24: Research


Facts on File Publications Inc.: Directory Publishers
Feats Inc.: Special Events
Feature Photo Service Inc.: Photographers/Stock Photo
Federal Yellow Book, The: Directories
Feintuch Communications: Crisis Management, Media Training, Social Media
First Draft: Newsletters
Flesher & Associates: Executive Search
Florida PR Association: Associations
Flow Production and Post: Video
Formula PR: Special Events
Forum Group, The: Executive Search
Fotosearch Stock Photography: Photographers/Stock Photo
Fry Group, The: Executive Search
Futures Company, The: Research


Galaxy Awards: Awards
Gale: Directory Publishers
Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media: Directories
Gallup Inc.: Research
Galperin Design Inc.: Annual Reports/Design/Branding
George Washington University, The: Education
Georgetown University, School of Continuing Studies: Education
Getty Images: Photo Distribution
GfK: Research
Gilbert Tweed Associates: Executive Search
Gold Anvil Award of PR Society of America: Awards
Gold Circle Awards: Awards
Gold Ink Awards: Awards
Gold Quill Awards: Awards
Golden Trumpet Awards: Awards
Gonzaga University, Communication Studies: Education
Google: Research
Gorkana Inc.: Measurement & Evaluation, Media Lists, Public Relations Networks, Special Events
Gould+Partners LLC: CPA/Consulting Services, Management Consultants, Mergers & Acquisitions
Gourvitz Communications Inc.: Satellite Media Tours
Greater Talent Network: Celebrities, Speakers Service (Talent)
GreenBook Online Guide for Buyers of Marketing Research: Directories
Greenleaf Book Group: Editorial Distribution & Services
Grey House Publishing: Directory Publishers
GRS Systems Inc.: Video


Harry Walker Agency: Speakers Service (Talent)
Headquarters USA Directory: Directories
Healthcare Businesswomen's Association: Associations
Hechkoff Executive Search Inc.: Executive Search
Hedquist Productions: Radio
Heidrick & Struggles: Executive Search
Henninger Media Services: Video
Herbert Mines Associates: Executive Search
Hermes Creative Awards: Awards
Heyman Associates Inc.: Executive Search
Hispanic Market Works: Directories
History Associates: Research
Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association Int'l.: Associations
Howard-Sloan-Koller Group, The: Executive Search
Hudson's Washington News Media Contacts Directory: Directories
Hunter Public Relations: Social Media


IEG LLC: Special Events
INC Design: Annual Reports/Design/Branding
Infoition News Services Inc.: Media Monitoring
iNova Awards: Awards
Institute for Crisis Management: Crisis Management
Institute for PR: Associations
Int'l Women's Media Foundation: Associations
Int'l. PR Network: Public Relations Networks
Interface Media Group: Video
International Association of Business Communicators: Associations
International Association of Business Communicators, Wash., D.C. Chapter: Associations
International Association of Speakers Bureaus: Associations
International Digital Enterprise Alliance: Associations
International PR Assn., IPRA: Associations
Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards: Awards
Intersource Recruiting: Executive Search
IPR Software: Software
IPREX, Global network of communication agencies: Public Relations Networks
isentia: Measurement & Evaluation
Issue Management Council: Associations
Ivanhoe Broadcast News Inc.: Video
Iverson Language Assocs. Inc., Div. of TransPerfect: Translation Services


J Tech: Executive Search
J.D. Power & Associates: Research
Jack Felton Golden Ruler Award: Awards
Jane Gerard Executive Search, Inc.: Executive Search
Jenkins Group: Editorial Distribution & Services
JL Insight Communications: Media Training
John Kneapler Design: Graphic Services
Johnson Strategic Communications, Inc.: Annual Reports/Design/Branding
Joy Reed Belt Search Consultants: Executive Search
JSH&A Ltd.: Media Training, Social Media


Karen Friedman Enterprises Inc.: Media Training
Keep in Touch: Broadcast Monitoring Services
KEF Media: Satellite Media Tours
Kennedy Information: Directory Publishers
Keppler Speakers: Speakers Service (Talent)
Korn-Ferry Int'l.: Executive Search
KRM Information Services: Research
Kundell Communications: Media Training


LACP - League of American Communications Professionals: Associations
Language Bank: Translation Services
Laskin Media Inc.: Media Training
Laurie Mitchell & Company, Inc. Marketing & Comms. Executive Search: Executive Search
Law Firms Yellow Book: Directories
LBF Recruitment Strategies: Executive Search
Leader Room, The: Media Training
Leadership Directories: Directory Publishers
Leading Authorities Inc.: Speakers Service (Talent)
LexisNexis: Research
Licensing Source Book: Directories
Lippincott: Annual Reports/Design/Branding
Liv Davick Communications and Strategic Marketing, Inc.: Radio, Satellite Media Tours
Live Star Entertainment: Satellite Media Tours
Lloyd Kolmer Enterprises: Celebrities
Lloyd Staffing: Executive Search
LoginRadius: Software
Lovett Stories + Strategies: Video
Lukaszewski Group, Division of Risdall Marketing: Crisis Management
Lynn Hazan & Associates, Inc.: Executive Search
Lyons PR: Satellite Media Tours


Magellan Awards: Awards
Magnify Digital: Social Media
Major Mailers Online Database: Directories
Management Recruiters Int'l of Boston: Executive Search
MarCom Awards: Awards
Maritz Research: Research
Market it Write: Copywriters
Marketing Maven: Integrated Marketing & PR, Social Media
Marketing Resource Directory Online Database: Directories
Marketing Werks - Mobile & Event Marketing: Promotions
MarketWired: Newswires/Press Services, Press Release Distribution
Marquis Digital Media: Satellite Media Tours
Marshall Consultants, LLC: Executive Search
Maryanne Russell Photography Inc.: Photographers/Stock Photo
Matrix Awards: Awards
Media Connect: Satellite Media Tours
Media Vantage: Media Monitoring
MediaFinder Online Database: Directories
MediaMax Online: Broadcast Monitoring Services, Clipping Services, Media Monitoring
Mediametric: Clipping Services, Measurement & Evaluation, Media Monitoring
MediaMiser Ltd.: Measurement & Evaluation, Media Monitoring, Social Media
MEDIAmobz: Video
MediaNet: Media Training
MediaPrep: Media Training
MediaTracks Communications, Inc.: Radio
Mercury Awards: Awards
Mercury Labs: Video
Metro Creative Graphics, Inc.: Editorial Distribution & Services
Metro Monitor, Inc.: Broadcast Monitoring Services, Clipping Services, Media Monitoring
Moldow Communications LLC: Satellite Media Tours
Monument Optimization: Search Engine Optimization
Moreover Technologies: Media Monitoring
Moyer, Sherwood Assocs. Inc.: Executive Search
Multicultural Marketing News: Press Release Distribution
Murray Hill Studios: Satellite Media Tours, Television (TV) Production, Video, Webcasting
MVP Collaborative: Special Events
M|A|R|C Research: Research


NAGC Communicator of the Year Award: Awards
National Aircheck: Media Monitoring, Radio
National Association of Broadcasters: Associations
National Association of Business Political Action Committees: Associations
National Association of Government Communicators: Associations, Public Relations Networks
National Association of Personnel Services: Associations
National Black PR Society: Associations
National Directory of Corporate Public Affairs: Directories
National Directory of Magazines: Directories
National Foundation for Women Legislators: Associations
National Hispanic Media Coalition: Associations
National Investor Relations Institute: Associations
National Press Club: Interactive/Multimedia Services, Satellite Media Tours, Special Events, Video, Webcasting
National School PR Association: Associations
National Speakers Bureau: Speakers Service (Talent)
National Writers Association: Associations
Neil Frank & Co.: Executive Search
New Jersey Awards: Awards
New York Festivals, Int'l Television & Film Awards: Awards
New York Market Radio Association: Associations
New York Women in Communications: Associations
Newman Group Inc., The: Media Training
News Analysis Institute: Media Lists
News Data Service: Broadcast Monitoring Services, Clipping Services, Media Monitoring
News Exposure: Broadcast Monitoring Services, Clipping Services, Media Monitoring, Radio, Research
Newscast US: Photographers/Stock Photo, Video
NewsWatch: Video
Newz Group: Clipping Services
Nielsen Company, The: Research
Nikki Richardson: Media Training
Northeastern University College of Professional Studies: Education
nVision: Special Events
NYU School of Professional Studies, M.S. in Public Relations and Corporate Communication: Education


O'Dwyer's: Directory Publishers
O'Dwyer's Directory of Public Relations Firms: Directories
O'Dwyer's Newsletter: Newsletters
O'Sullivan Comms.: Translation Services
Omnigraphics: Directory Publishers
Online News Association, c/o NPR: Associations
ORC International: Research
Osprey Communications: Video
Outstanding Educator Award of PR Society of America: Awards
Oxbridge Directory of Newsletters: Directories


Paladin Staffing Services: Employment Services
Parallax Productions Inc.: Television (TV) Production, Video
Park Avenue Post Inc.: Video
Paul M. Lund Public Service Award of PR Society of America: Awards
Paulette Wolf Events & Entertainment: Special Events
Penn, Shoen and Berland Associates: Research
Pennsylvania Association for Government Relations: Associations
Philadelphia PR Association: Associations
Pile & Co.: Executive Search, Management Consultants
Pinpoint Market Research: Research
Pitching Monkeys Media: Satellite Media Tours
PLUS Media Inc.: Radio
PNVWebcasts: Webcasting
Point Five Design: Annual Reports/Design/Branding
Power of A Awards: Awards
PR Council: Associations
PR Daily and Ragan Awards: Awards
PR News: Newsletters
PR Professional of the Year Award of PR Society of America: Awards
PR World Alliance: Public Relations Networks
PREMIERETV: Electronic Newsfeeds/Satellite Services, Radio, Satellite Media Tours, Television (TV) Production, Video
PRIME Research: Research
Production Masters Inc.: Video
Professional Marketing Forum: Associations
Promotional Products Association Int'l.: Associations
Proof Advertising: Research
ProPRcopy: Copywriters
Prowley: Software
PRSA/Georgia: Associations
PRSA/National Capital Chapter: Associations
PRSA/New York Chapter: Associations
Public Affairs Council: Associations
Public Relations Boutiques Int'l: Public Relations Networks
Public Relations Global Network (PRGN): Public Relations Networks
Public Relations Society of America (PRSA): Associations
Publicity Club of Chicago: Associations
Publicity Club of New England: Associations
Publicity Club of New York: Associations
PublicRelay: Measurement & Evaluation, Media Monitoring
Purdue University, Online Master of Science in Communication: Education


Queens University of Charlotte, Online Master of Arts in Communication: Education
Questar Awards: Awards
Queue Associates: Software
Quinn & Co. Public Relations: Social Media
Quinnipiac University, Master of Science in Public Relations: Education


Radio Television Digital News Association: Associations
Ragan Report, The: Newsletters
RCM Broadcast Communications Inc.: Public Service Announcements, Satellite Media Tours
ReBrand 100 Global Awards: Awards
Regatta Inc.: Special Events
Rene Plessner Associates: Executive Search
REPASS Research • Strategic Consulting: Measurement & Evaluation, Research
RepEquity DC: Interactive/Multimedia Services
RFP Associates, Agency Search Consultants: Management Consultants
Rich Green Photography: Photographers/Stock Photo
Robin Lewin Productions: Video
Royce Carlton Inc.: Speakers Service (Talent)
RPM Media Inc.: Television (TV) Production
Russell Reynolds Associates: Executive Search
Rutgers School of Communication and Information: Education


Sachs Media Group: Crisis Management
Sadler Productions: Video
Sard Verbinnen & Co.: Crisis Management
Schneider Associates: Integrated Marketing & PR, Search Engine Optimization
Select Resources Int'l: Management Consultants
Send2Press® Newswire, a service of Neotrope®: Press Release Distribution
Seton Hall University, Master of Arts in Strategic Communication: Education
ShadowTV: Broadcast Monitoring Services
SHOOT Publicity Wire: Newswires/Press Services
Sigma Delta Chi Awards: Awards
SIIA: Associations
Silver Anvil Awards of PR Society of America: Awards
Silver Apple Awards: Awards
Simmons College, BA, Communications: Education
SMM Advertising: Graphic Services
Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development: Associations
Society for Technical Communication: Associations
Society for Technical Communication, STC Awards: Awards
Society of American Business Editors and Writers, Inc.: Associations
Society of American Travel Writers: Associations
Society of American Travel Writers' Directory: Directories
Society of Professional Journalists: Associations
Sorkins Directory of Business & Government: Directories
Speakers On Healthcare: Celebrities, Speakers Service (Talent)
Spencer Stuart & Associates: Executive Search
SSRS: Research
Standard & Poor's Research Reports: Research
Standard Periodical Directory: Directories
Stevens Group, The: Mergers & Acquisitions
Stevie Awards: Awards
Stowe Co., The: Executive Search
Strauss Media Strategies Inc.: Electronic Newsfeeds/Satellite Services, Electronic Newsfeeds/Satellite Services, Electronic Newsfeeds/Satellite Services, Media Tours/Roadshows, Media Tours/Roadshows, Media Tours/Roadshows, Public Service Announcements, Public Service Announcements, Public Service Announcements, Radio, Radio, Radio, Satellite Media Tours, Satellite Media Tours, Satellite Media Tours, Television (TV) Production, Television (TV) Production, Television (TV) Production
Studio 120: Video
Synaptic Digital, a Definition 6 company: Radio, Satellite Media Tours
Synergy Events: Special Events
Syntaxis Inc.: Education
Syracuse University, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications: Education


T. J. Sacks & Associates: Copywriters, Integrated Marketing & PR, Newsletters
Take One Productions: Video
TANE Digital Video: Video
Teen Kids News, LLC: Television (TV) Production
TEKgroup Int'l Inc.: Software
Television & Cable Factbook: Directories
Telly Awards, The: Awards
Tesar-Reynes Inc.: Executive Search
The Brandon Agency: Integrated Marketing & PR
The Good Search, LLC: Executive Search
Thomson Reuters: Newswires/Press Services
THUNK! Media. Inc.: Satellite Media Tours
Tobin Communications Inc.: Radio
Travaille Executive Search: Executive Search
Tufts University, Gerald J. & Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Master's Degree Program in Nutrition Communication: Education
TV Access: Public Service Announcements
TV Eyes: Media Monitoring
TVA Media Group: Video


Universal Information Services: Broadcast Monitoring Services, Clipping Services, Measurement & Evaluation, Media Monitoring
University of Denver, University College: Education
University of Florida: Education
University of Maryland, College Park: Education
University of Memphis, The, College of Communication and Fine Arts, Dept. of Journalism: Education
USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism: Education


Ventana Productions: Video
Very Special Events: Special Events
Video Image Productions: Video
VideoLink Inc.: Satellite Media Tours, Television (TV) Production, Video, Webcasting
Vidicom Inc.: Video
VISTA Satellite Communications: Electronic Newsfeeds/Satellite Services, Special Events
VNR1 Communications, Inc.: Video
Votenet Solutions Inc.: Software


W. Howard Chase Award: Awards
Wagner International Photos: Photographers/Stock Photo
Ward Group, The: Executive Search
Washington Independent Productions: Video
Washington Speakers Bureau: Speakers Service (Talent)
Washington Women in PR: Associations
Westport Entertainment Associates: Celebrities
Who's Who in America: Directories
Wieck Media: Interactive/Multimedia Services
Wills Consulting Associates Inc.: Executive Search
Women in Government Relations: Associations
Word of Mouth Marketing Association: Associations
World Class Speakers & Entertainers: Speakers Service (Talent)
World Radio TV Handbook: Directories
Worldcom Public Relations Group: Public Relations Networks


Yearbook of Experts: Directories


Zing How Design: Fulfillment, Graphic Services, Printing, Promotions

AMP3 New York Fashion PR Agency

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