Bob LivingstonBob Livingston

The Livingston Group represents the trade association of the Ukrainian steel sector as lobbies Washington on US policies that affect its members and the Government of Ukraine.

President Trump slapped a 25 percent tariff on steel and aluminum imports on March 22. Ukraine did not get a temporary exclusion from that levy, as did the European Union, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South Korea and Brazil. Those exclusions expire May 1.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Economic Development had submitted an application for an exclusion, but it fell short.

TLG, which is headed by former House Speaker-Designate Bob Livingston (R-LA), entered into a three-month agreement on April 2 with Assn. of Enterprises UKRMETALURGPROM for government affairs and lobbying services.

The contract is worth $20K monthly and is renewable for another three-month term upon mutual consent.