David Rothkopf
David Rothkopf

The United Arab Emirates has retained TRG Advisory Services to develop/support science, technology, cultural diplomacy, education, tolerance and women’s empowerment programming in the US, leading up to the 2021 50th anniversary of the founding of the Persian Gulf State.

The Rothkopf Group is to provide the UAE’s DC embassy with day-to-day advice on messages/concepts, talking points and outreach, according to CEO David Rothkopf’s Sept. 12 letter to ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba.

The firm also will “determine funding and logistical requirements for the initiatives, timelines and other parameters.”

Its three-year consulting agreement is worth $50K per month. The UAE is entitled to a 10 percent discount if it pays for a year in advance.

Rothkopf is a former managing director of Kissinger Associates, the international advisory firm founded by former US Secretary Henry Kissinger. He served in the Clinton White House as deputy undersecretary of commerce for international trade policy & development.

From 2012 to May 2017, Rothkopf headed the FP Group, publisher of Foreign Policy. When Rothkopf joined FP, it was owned by the Washington Post Co.

The UAE is a close ally of Saudi Arabia. They are partners in the military operation against Shia rebels in Yemen.