David Keene
David Keene

David Keene, former National Rife Assn. president and American Conservative Union chairman, is representing the DC lobbying interests of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria under a one-year pact worth $360K.

Algeria is keen for Keene Consulting Services to interact on its behalf with members of the Trump Administration, Congress and non-government decision-makers “to strengthen the relations of friendship and cooperation” between it and the US, according to the consulting agreement.

KCS was hired “to promote Algeria’s role of peace and cooperation in world and regional affairs” and to attract business, trade and investment in the African nation.

Keene, a former special assistant to former vice president Spiro Agnew and New York Sen. Jim Buckley, advised the presidential campaigns of Ronald Reagan, Bush I, Bob Dole and Mitt Romney.

The ACU is the major organizer of the annual CPAC conference, “the Woodstock of conservatives,” in Washington.