Elin Suleymanov
Elin Suleymanov

Rasky Partners has signed a six-month contract to provide PR services and support to Azerbaijan, which is under fire for harassment of its LGBT+ community.

Freedom House last month called on the Azerbaijani government to end the harassment and intimidation of former political prisoners and to halt a new wave of detentions of LGBT+ people.

“Azerbaijan’s history of systematically abusing the LGBT+ community and opposition activists should not be ignored and the perpetrators need to be held accountable for their actions,” said Marc Behrendt, Freedom House director of Europe and Eurasia program.

The ILGA-Europe advocacy group on May 13 released its survey of 49 countries that rated Azerbaijan as the worst place to be gay based on legal gender recognition, equality, non-discrimination, family life and civil society space.

The Azerbaijan government denies any mistreatment on LGBT+ people, saying that roundups of them are a crackdown on prostitution, according to a report in The Independent of London.

Rasky receives $15K a'month through Oct. 28 for its work on behalf of Azerbaijan’s US ambassador Elin Suleymanov.