Khalifa Haftar
Khalifa Haftar

Gotham Government Relations & Communication, which helped coordinate Donald Trump’s 2015 presidential campaign announcement, has picked up a $1.5M one-year contract to represent Libya’s Government of National Accord, which is based in Tripoli.

Recognized by the United Nations as the legitimate government of Libya, the GNA is under assault from a rebel group fronted by Libyan-American Khalifa Haftar

Trump called Haftar on April 19 and expressed support for his counter-terrorism campaign and promise to work for stability and unity in the country.

The GNA gave Omnicom’s Mercury unit a one-year contract on April 22 for strategic consulting, government relations and media outreach.

Gotham’s pact with the GNA includes preparing reports on Haftar’s “human rights violations and crimes against the Libyan civilians."

The Garden City, NY-based firm, also will promote the GNA’s terror-fighting activity and its successful liberation of the city of Sirte from ISIS via outreach to US policymakers and think tanks.

It received upfront payments of $750K and $75K on Sept. 23 to cover its six-month lobbying tab and expenses, respectively.

The Wall Street Journal reported Oct. 1 that the Libyan civil war is at a stalemate due to military support from foreign countries.

The GNA, which is backed by Turkey, controls the capital city and the country’s west.

Haftar’s forces dominate the east and south with backing from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Egypt.