Sonoran Policy Group has received $2M from Foley & Lardner law firm for its effort to develop a “narrative and strategy” to advise Venezuela’s attorney general Reinaldo Munoz Pedroza on how to ease US sanctions slapped on that South American nation.


According to its consulting services engagement letter, SPG will help F&L develop specialized information and insights for its legal counseling and advocacy efforts.

SPG, which is headed by Robert Stryk also will represent the clients before the Justice/State/Treasury Depts. as well as the White House. Stryk, owner of an Oregon winery, was west coast advisor to the Trump campaign.

Venezuela president Nicolas Maduro appointed Pedroza to his post. The US and about 60 other countries recognize Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the rightful leader of the country.

F&L began its work on Jan. 15. It got a $12.5M flat fee for its representation.