Finn Partners is spearheading Britain's push to establish a Free Trade Agreement with the US in the aftermath of its exit from the European Union.

Under a $540K three-year contract with London's Department for International Trade, the independent firm faces a challenge of tackling the perception among trade & investment audiences that the UK is less innovative, creative and technologically advanced than some of its competitors.

"The relatively new Boris Johnson government, the transition after Brexit and interest in an FTA with the US provides a major opportunity to communicate the strengths of the UK at this critical moment," according to Finn Partners' contract with the DIT.

A "GREAT Ready to Trade" campaign will highlight how UK businesses are designing the future by meeting the challenges facing society and in some of the UK’s key business sectors.

Finn Partners is tasked with delivering a campaign that will "build on the UK’s strong free trade narrative and paint a holistic picture of the UK as a desirable trade and investment partner for North American companies," says the agreement.

The firm's messaging will promote reasons "why the UK is producing such innovative goods and services (strong talent and skills, universities, catapults, etc.), and the opportunity for international businesses to partner and grow."

Via strategic communications, digital content, media placement and events, Finn Partners will highlight the UK’s innovation as well as showcasing opportunities to collaborate with North American businesses to bring to life DIT’s vision of being the "good news" department.

Finn Partners' Jessica Berk Ross, managing partner, and Robin Crawford, senior partner, lead the six-member DIT team.

They report to Chantal Robinson, head of marketing for DIT Americas.