Putting together a playbook for agency life in the post-COVID world is the topic of the two latest video interviews produced by D S Simon Media in partnership with O’Dwyer’s.

MWWPR founder and CEO Michael Kempner’s interview with Doug Simon (available here) looks at how the actions that brands take now will shape their performance during the next phase of the COVID economy.

“The number one issue with stakeholders today and how they’re going to judge companies coming out of this,” Kempner tells Simon, “is how they treat their employees.”

Kempner also stresses the importance of clear and decisive leadership, as well as the need for transparency, authenticity and empathy.

In Ketchum partner and managing director Tamara Norman’s discussion with Simon (available here), she sets up guidelines for how brands and businesses on the rebound can successfully communicate with stakeholders.

Like Kempner, Norman stresses the importance of clearly communicating with employees, calling them a company’s “number one stakeholder.” Diversity and inclusion should also be top of mind in the current environment, she says.

Last week's interviews in the “Navigating COVID-19 with PR’s Top Pros” series can be seen here.

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