North Sixth

North Sixth Group, which includes N6A as well as marketing and content house Studios, acquires an ownership interest in Italian professional football club Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC in partnership with Massimo Pulcinelli and Bricofer S.p.A, a retailer in the home goods and DIY sector in Italy. North Sixth Group will control international market operations and will share governance and decision-making rights with Pulcinelli in coordination with the club’s board of directors. “We have many exciting plans as our vision to bring Ascoli to Serie A continues in the years ahead, including the opening of fan clubs, youth academies and other important investments. We look forward to bringing these initiatives to life for our fans alongside our co-owners and partners at North Sixth Group,” said Pulcinelli.


TEAM LEWIS is creating 50 entry-level opportunities across all regions as part of its learning and development program RISE, which is aimed at non-degree holders and career changers. The applicants shortlisted will be offered full-time paid positions while going through a rigorous training and development program. Trainees will be exposed to all facets of marketing, including digital, lead generation, creative strategy, content marketing, rich media production and social media strategy. “If organizations want to be diverse and inclusive, they should be more open to different types of skills, intelligence and creativity,” said Team Lewis vice president, people APAC & EMEA Jen Wu. “With the right training and attitude, we believe it is possible for anyone to succeed in this industry,”

Albert Moufarrij, Jaime Suarez

MACH9, which is focused on working with clients in highly regulated industries, announces its official launch. The firm was founded by former Philip Morris International chief digital officer Jaime Suarez, who serves as CEO, and former PMI global product marketing manager Albert Moufarrij, who is CMO. MACH9 provides strategic consultancy and specialized digital services that it says are in full compliance with the governance and standards of highly regulated brands in such sectors as nicotine, cannabis, alcohol, pharmaceuticals and gambling. “Digital is present now more than ever in every stage of the customer journey, and highly regulated industries are not the exception,” said Moufarrij, who adds that his agency’s mission is “helping regulated industries navigate the cluttered environment of misinformation to control their narratives and be an active voice in global conversations in a socially responsible way.”